Dark Knight Slot

Dark Knight

Dark Knight Slot RTP: 97%

Dark Knight Slot

The new Dark Knight slot from Microgaming was released to replace the decommissioned Lord Of The Rings game which although popular, was rumoured to be up against licensing problems. So, on 28th June 2012, Microgaming released The Dark Knight and the following day they removed Lord Of The Rings. They are in fact, the same game with different themes.

This new game is the latest in a line of "movie-themed" slots that, LOTR aside, also include Kong, "Rocky", Ridley Scott's excellent Gladiator and several Marvel games including Iron Man (1 and 2) and the good old reliable Hulk brand. Seems like movie themes make good fodder for slot games as all of those are pretty impressive to look at to be fair. How long for Prometheus do you reckon? If they do, let's hope it's 3D 'cos that just about carried it over the line.

So it's no surprise therefore that the Dark Knight slot is themed around the Batman movie of the same name so the imagery is all Jokers and Batgear. The slot contains footage from the movie along with stills and sounds and to be honest it's a very entertaining game that looks great but isn't a big hitter. It can be...but it's rare.

The key to a big win on Dark Knight is stacked wilds. You get stacked wilds on all reels plus occassional random features that add sticky wilds and wild reels. Factor in the free spin feature (15 at 2x with the chance of higher multipliers) and you can see that the wilds and multipliers are the long term holy grail.

In normal gameplay the features are regular and often nice but also many of them just award small awards that to be honest, make you wish it would just get on with it at times. I like features, I like wins, but I don't like waiting around watching already-seen animations awarding me 2x my bet. Just get on with it!

But I have to say, Microgaming have done a great job with the Dark Knight in terms of look and feel. Sure, gameplay can sometimes drag but overall this will be a popular slot game, of that I have absolutely no doubt. It looks better than all the slots here and in fact, any slot I have played online. It's part of their premium range alongside games like the Bikini Party slot (try the Re-Spin feature on this) and Terminator 2- another blockbuster movie slot.

The game also has 4 progressive jackpots that are randomly awarded. Two are not worth the effort and two are with the top one seeding at 1million. The downside of this is that the game cannot run in free-play mode but then again, in the words of The Joker, "If you're good at something, never do it for free!"

One final note: this game is not the same as the version by IGT that you see sometimes in bricks and mortar casinos. That game is a multiplayer game and also very good and as you'd expect, it looks very similar to Microgaming's but it's not available to play online.


You can play Dark Knight slots at the following safe casinos:


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Hippodrome (Microgaming) - I always like to see well-renowned land-based casinos set up online which is exactly what the Hippodrome in London's Leicester Square have done but how does the online casino measure up to their land-based offering?

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Roxy Palace (Microgaming) - Roxy Palace has over 300 Microgaming slots but is best for low/medium rollers who like regular post-deposit bonuses, up to 3 a week depending on your VIP status. Cashout times are around 48hrs and overall it's a good casino.