Slots Tips

Online slots - well, all slots in fact - are games of chance and that means no matter what you read, you cannot influence the outcome. AWP machines aside, there are no cheats or ways to "beat the slots" but there are sensible ways of playing slots online and not so sensible ways of playing. Here at I have listed a few tips which will hopefully increase your enjoyment of the games featured on the site.

Look on slots as entertainment and not as a "Get Rich Quick" scheme and you will get more from them. Play within a budget, play to win certainly, but play methodically and set targets and thresholds. There´s nothing quite like the buzz you get at that "kerching kerching kerching moment". Just keep everything in perspective and take note of your losses too!

It also helps to keep an eye on volatility. A number of the slot reviews here will explain which slots are highly volatile and which aren't but the bottom line is a volatile slot can eat through your bankroll in no time. And make sure you research the casinos before you play. We have plenty of information on the site, to the games that are included in the Betway Slots range to the payment methods at Sky Slots.

1. Play with your Head not Your Heart! It´s easy to get carried away when playing slots, particularly if you hit a purple patch. But try and play with your head, not your emotions. Only play with money you can afford to lose, and set youself strict stop loss and profit targets. It´s more fun that way. When you have used up your budget in the session, stop. Similarly, if you hit a big one, and reach your profit target- stop. If you´re playing to win, the worst thing you can do is to plough all of your money back into the machines after a jackpot. Or bank a profit, and play the rest.

Personally I always like to set a deposit limit. The vast majority of casinos in the casino reviews section here offer that service and it will help prevent you from chasing your losses - the biggest hurdle a slots player has to jump!

2. Don't Play Maximum Coin Unless You Need To in order to hit the Jackpot.
If the slot is just pays out in a linear fashion, depending on how much you bet (eg pays out double for double coins, triple for triple coins), don´t feel you have to play the maximum coin value. If the Maximum coins are needed for the monster jackpot, eg the progressive, then you might want to think about it. Leading to our next tip......

3. Play the Maximum Coins on Progressives Slots
You normally have to bet the max coins on a progressive machine to scoop the progressive jackpot except where it's a "random jackpot" machine where your chances are relative to your bet size.

4. Slots don´t Blow Hot or Cold
Sorry, it´s a myth. OK, in a progressive slot, the jackpot is going to be smaller after a big win, but you still have the same chance of winning it whether you play a year after the last win or 5 minutes later. It´s all down to the random number generator in the machine.

5. Don´t buy gambling systems
This goes for other games like roulette as well as slots. Don´t buy systems. The only winner is the person selling the system.

6. Study the payouts
Seems obvious doesn´t it? Study the winning combinations before you play and it will give you an idea of the volatility. For a start it´s more fun that way, and for seconds, it´s just plain common sense. But you´d be suprised at the amount of people who just wade in and start pressing buttons in zombie mode.

7. Set a cashout target or time-limit Without targets and/or time limits it is real easy to fall into the trap of thinking you are on a run and are more likely to win than lose. You aren't. Set a cashout target and when you hit it, cash out!

8. Investigate the Slots Variance (Volatility).
As mentioned above, the variance is a measure of how often and how large the payouts are. Does the slot game pay out big every now and then? Or does it pay our smaller amounts, but more frequently? This kind of information isn´t normally handed out by the game designers, but you can get a pretty good idea from the paytable or from this article on slots variance at Slotjunkies.

9. Respect the House Edge
All casino games have a house edge and slots have a higher one than other games generally. But online slots have lower house edges than land-based slots thankfully and your average expected return on an online slot is 95%. A "House Edge" is a margin of of profit taken by the casino to run their business. This is normally between 3 and 10% on slot games.

10. Enjoy Yourself. Have Fun!
(Probably the most important tip). If you do scoop a big win, let´s see some fist pumping, whooping and a bit of moonwalking. Erm...well, perhaps not moonwalking but you get the gist! The "kerching kerching kerching" moment is no time to be a wall flower!